• Authentic

    M80 prides itself on driving unique ideas into the marketplace, concepts born of real innovation. You know, the type that requires breaking a few eggs, and a few rules.

  • Studio

    When we got together and started M80, one of our core beliefs was to build a design studio where the work process was fully woven into our lifestyles. We live design, and the work, every single day.

  • Crisis

    Our development process is so finely tuned, that we can get a month's work done in a week. A week's worth done in a day. A day's worth... well you get the idea. We like moving fast.

  • Cultural

    Culture is the key to our perspective on life, design, and business. We come from a series of overlapping subcultures, so we understand how people's passions drive their behaviors and the marketplace.

  • No

    M80 brings a sophisticated perspective to the work, but otherwise we are normally down-to-earth people. Zero pretensions. Zero posturing. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. No BS.

We are obsessed with all things

Unique & Undiscovered

We are a family of designers and engineers, with a passion for culture, and an addiction for all things new and unique. M80 is not just our job, it’s our lifestyle and we live it everyday.

We Do Killer Work


How can you anticipate consumer needs if you first don't explore what makes us human?

One thing that keeps us stoked on design is the opportunity to serve consumers while we also service clients. Learning more about them as we get inside the lives of shoppers and users of the products we design is our greatest reward.

What's the difference to you? All successful innovation requires risk.

We understand the pressure that your organization feels to deliver new products and packaging more effectively and efficiently. Our approach to design and development gets you to the critical new ideas that you need to stay ahead of the market. Let's get together and discuss these challenges and how M80 can support your brand. Whenever possible, we prefer to meet in person so we can offer a more detailed and lively discussion where we can outline our approach to your success. View the Difference

Inspired Design When most zig left, we zag right.

We have the reputation for "cracking the code" on tough challenges by finding solutions in adjacent or completely unrelated categories. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere, especially when you know where to look. Because you know what they say about following the lead dog -- the view never changes. We love an ever-changing view. Can't Stop Won't Stop

Good enough is never good enough Destroy status quo

M80 believes that "good-enough" is not what clients, or their brands, need to grow. Our passion for developing new products and packaging drives our desire to create new IP for client organizations. Why deliver 'more of the same' when you can create something new and ownable? View the Difference

Authentic Imagination.